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Cure Our Cure is our cause. A cause to help stop cancer by supporting cancer research foundations with proceeds from each sale; a cause to never stop until cancer stops.

When cancer is personal

Cure ComboThere are few people in the world who haven’t been touched by cancer. You’ve had it, or your spouse has been diagnosed, perhaps a child, sibling or parent, friends, co-workers. Someone you know has cancer. It’s personal.

We’ve been touched, too. Mothers, sisters, friends. We’ve lost people we love to breast cancer; we’ve watched people fight and win. We’ve agonized with people who have lost. But we rise, always we rise, to fight again. Because we will not rest until we find a cure.

This is our cause. And it’s why we developed Cure. It was the first product we created, and it has become a true icon for our company. It sprays in help for dry, damaged hair, curing the ills inflicted by over-styling, over-processing and over-reaching. And it has become the product that symbolizes I.C.O.N.’s commitment to also finding a cure for cancer. Each purchase guarantees a donation to cancer research organizations like STOP CANCER.

Because there will never be peace of mind until we do stop cancer, until we find a Cure.

Our cause is a cure, and Cure is our cause. Always.