ICON Style


The Ten - Mondariz

Each year, I.C.O.N. gathers some of the industry's best and brightest at our annual conference in Mondariz, Spain. This year was our biggest event yet, as we celebrated 10 years of I.C.O.N. - reviewing how far we've come and giving a preview of all the new things we have in store for the future. Attendees were treated to spectacular hair and fashion shows, showcasing exclusive I.C.O.N. products and concepts like Trending Tribes, Liquid Fashion and Stained Glass and our exotic moringa oil-based line, India.

As we move forward into 2012, I.C.ON. continues to lead the professional hair industry with creative concepts, trend-setting looks and, as always, the highest quality products that our fans have come to expect. What else do we have in store for our 10-year anniversary? Stay tuned and see!